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What you can do to not feel completely alone

Loneliness is an emotional state that most of us are facing in today’s world, given the current situation of quarantining and limited human contact. People everywhere being absolutely immersed in screens could also cause a certain sense of loneliness for those who have their screen-time under control. To state a quick example - being the only one in your peer’s circle who doesn’t believe in using your phone while being together can cause an intense feeling of being lonely even when you are surrounded by friends.

Anxiety and a persistent need to not bother anybody could also give rise to loneliness. Feeling like you are absolutely alone in this world can create a void in you that could lead to something more severe such as depression. There are a plethora of causes for an intense feeling of loneliness and it can never be generalized. If you have been raised in a toxic household, clouded with neglect from your parents you could have an immense need to not bother anyone with your issues. You can feel as if you are being a burden just by telling a friend your problems/how you feel.

However, with the right help, the cure and solution for loneliness can be acquired from within. If you suffer from low self-esteem issues, chances are you feel as if you are unworthy of yourself. You may feel disconnected from everyone and feel an immense need to isolate yourself. Unresolved childhood trauma could also cause a sense of loneliness. To state another common example - if you are going through the breakup of a toxic relationship, you could feel lonely to a great extent and not feel like reaching out to anyone out of fear of being judged/not taken seriously.

Here’s how Rapid Transformational Therapy can help you confront your demons and overcome them. A certified RTT Therapist can help identify the core of your issue, even if it dates back to years of unresolved trauma and provide you with the right solutions. An RTT Therapist can help you manifest peace, harmony and help you to gain trust through healthy activities and simple phrases. They will help you release any sense of loneliness and provide you with the right expertise.

RTT has proven to be highly successful in healing cases of chronic depression, loneliness and emotional instabilities. Getting past this period of isolation and sense of loneliness can be conquered with ease. RTT specialists are skilled in helping you process your deeproted issues relating to grief, trauma and loneliness.


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