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I'm Aruna Kalaiselvi

And this is my story. 

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About Me

Aruna kalaiselvi

With a fierce passion to help people heal and redeem themselves using Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), I am here to work with you to transform your life and pave a new way that will let you thrive and grow, both professionally and personally.

Upon closer look, my life can be divided into two parts. Both of which pushed me to reach out for help via therapy, also leading me down to a path of transformation. The rest is my journey towards self-discovery that has ultimately persuaded me to become a therapist.

Struggles and Life

Life is filled with struggles for everyone. And for me, it was no different. Before I reached out for therapy, there were a varied number of factors that weighed me down; childhood trauma, weight-related issues, physical abuse, and divorce, all that eventually led me into depression and ill health.

One after the other; loneliness, uncertainty and grief slowly started crawling into my life. At a point, everything got overwhelming and eventually festered into a state where I felt stagnant and stuck in life. Moreover, my low self-confidence took me to a point where I started questioning myself if I was good enough for this world. And eventually the scales tipped when it all led to the loss of vision in my right eye, causing optic neuritis.

Unable to bear more pain than I can endure, these signs finally allowed me to reach out for help through RTT.

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My First Connection with RTT

Words can’t describe what I felt in my first ever RTT session. A moment of sudden revelation engulfed me and left me astounded. My mind was fluttering like bird; unchained and free. It changed my entire perspective on how I see the world. A world, not filled with problems, but full of opportunities. When I finally let go of all that had happened to me in the past, I could ultimately feel that my mind and body were indeed always connected, deep and strong. 

My mind doesn’t understand or care about what is right or wrong, it only knows the intensity of every feeling that I go through. It allows all the feelings seep inside me and absorb it as much as it can. At that moment, I knew that it is essential for me to feed my mind with positive and powerful words that will lead me in believing that I am enough. 

rapid transformational hypnotherapy

RTT Transformed Me

While I was undergoing therapy through RTT, I was taught to rewire my subconscious mind and reprogram my limits. Mind can be powerful in more ways than we believe. I truly understood this when I finally regained vision in my right eye. A miracle that made me understand the true power of RTT and took me on a path of self-transformation. It expanded my mental vision which I now refer to as my ‘RTT Vision’. A powerful drive inside me nudged my mind in the right direction, with a strong sense of determination to pursue a career as a therapist. 

This transformation shaped me to be the person I am today and I strongly felt that it shouldn’t just stop here. I wanted people to experience what I got a chance to and move on from their problems, heal and eventually push their lives towards a better tomorrow. 

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A New Beginning

With a great sense of pride and responsibility, I can now say that I’m one of the first certified RTT Practitioners and Certified Therapists in the Indian sub-continent, trained under the humble guidance of Marisa Peer. RTT was first introduced by Marisa Peer and I continue to train under her coaching, till date.
In the process of my transformation, I stumbled upon new worlds of empowerment that gave me a deeper insight in fighting my battles. Upon practicing two years of Vinyasa Yoga and Zen Meditation, I now feel a stronger sense of connection with myself and this has made a huge influence on my RTT practice today. I also took keen interest in learning the art of Reiki and am now a proud bearer of the title ‘Reiki Master’. 

Every new learning broadens our perspective on all things worldly and that’s what learning the art of energy balancing through Crystal Healing did for me. My strong connection with nature has made me learn Animal Communication that has helped me understand my cows and run my dairy farm much more efficiently. The Buddhist principles have also had a huge impact in my life and guided me in concentrating my mind on the present moment. All these put together is what made me the person I am today and still keeps my spirit going.

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My Mission

Here, at Zen Mind, my mission is to help you conquer and tear down your negative thoughts, patterns or habits and replace them with positive ones. With cutting-edge RTT tools and real-life experiences, I will be able to alter your subconscious mind, reprogram your beliefs, and provide immediate relief from stress, anxiety, fear, insomnia, lack of confidence and many more. A chance for you to get clarity and enjoy a balanced, happy and fulfilled life, both personally and professionally.

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