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How to control your anger and channel it positively

Anger is one of the most powerful weapons that can control a person and make them perform regrettable actions. Anger is an emotion that is common to everyone and it is in human nature to feel angry.

However, anger can be lethal when it knows no boundaries. People can handle a limited amount of stress caused by anger and if left unchecked, it will exceed your capability to handle it. Anger left untreated can erode physical and mental health, where the resulting trauma causes pain. The pain keeps you distracted from the 'real issue' that needs to be addressed. How someone addresses their anger depends on the belief that the person has about expressing anger.

For example, if someone was told that expressing anger is a bad thing. They might have internalised it and then at the event when anger showed up, they packed it off into their body and stored the energy of anger which now manifests as pain.

If we rise above our emotions and acquire the ability to channel these negative emotions such as anger and hate into something positive, our mind can attain great peace, unlike anything we have ever felt.

Here are a few steps you can take to address your anger issues:

1. Mentally picture yourself in a calmer environment.

As hard as it may seem, in due time with effort and practise, you will be able to calm yourself down and envisage yourself in a calmer environment. Where do you feel most at peace with yourself? Is it by the beach, listening to the waves? Is it in a garden? Picture yourself in any place where you find peace and harmony. Close your eyes and take a deep breath while picturing this place in your head. This can greatly help you control your anger by calming your mind, allowing you to think rationally.

2. Release your anger by writing it down in a journal.

Expressing what you feel through any medium such as writing or talking can act as a great relief. Write down exactly what you feel, each bit of it and read it once. After you read it, tear up the page. This can mean that you are letting go of the anger and also give you peace of mind for having expressed your emotions.

3. Find the root of your hurt or the Hurter.

In order to process and get over a particular incident, you need to get to the root of the problem. Calm yourself, have a seat and think. It’s important to remember that behind anger, there is always hurt. Reflect upon the issue and identify the root cause for the way you are feeling. Why are you hurting? Who hurt you? Observe and confront the answers to these fundamental questions and you will be able to find a solution for it from within. This solution will provide you with the answer that will calm you.

4. Practise empathy and forgiveness.

Although this may seem impossible at a young age, practising empathy and forgiveness can be highly beneficial to you in the long run. This can help you get onto a more spiritual and peaceful path in life. Forgiveness is something that one does to gain peace for themselves rather than forgiving the other person. Forgiveness is a two-way path that helps both the person who forgives and the person who is forgiven lead a better life.

5. Distract yourself.

Distraction can help in a plethora of ways and help your anger dissolve over time. When you get angry, try to quickly distract yourself with an activity you enjoy. When you engage yourself with an activity, your brain tends to forget why you were angry and helps you to calm down. Although, you may not completely forget the reason as to why you were angry, the momentary anger, which proves to be most fatal, will fade with time.

Emotional pressure can come from any situation you face that leaves your heart racing and your mind in turmoil. Learning how to unravel feelings of anger can help you to heal. What is important about learning to release anger from your life is that you need to release it for yourself in a safe way. RTT, or Rapid Transformational Therapy, will help you realise that anger and violence are not the same things.

Visualise a balloon filled with the air of your problems. Once your arm gets tired of holding it, you will want to let it go. RTT will help rediscover your true and wholesome path through life, which is not clouded by pain from anger.

Realising that you need help to move on from the pain is what gives you the strength to grow. Let out the anger that holds you back with Aruna Kalaiselvi Therapy by your side.


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