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You don’t have to struggle in silence, not anymore.
Come, let us together venture into a path of transformation.

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I am Aruna Kalaiselvi, a certified therapist and a reiki master. 

I help individuals who are overwhelmed with stress, experiencing social isolation and lack of sleep, get rid of their anger by gaining control over their thoughts and emotions, resulting in a happy, calmer and most importantly a healthy life in 1 month.

I help business owners and entrepreneurs struggling with fear of uncertainty and failure, to overcome anxiety, stress and procrastination so they can focus on making confident decisions and set them on the path for success. 

I help single parents struggling with work-life balance, insecurities and lacking self esteem, to gain confidence and motivation to reclaim their freedom and love, in their life.

Bringing together my personal experiences and the expertise of Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT), I am here to work with you so you can lead a healthy, happy and balanced life in a wonderfully empowering and enlightening way.

Aruna Kalaiselvi Can Help You

Discover the root, the cause

and the reason for your issue

Reclaim your voice, your power and your self-worth

Uncover the limiting beliefs that have held you back

Change the meaning attached to events from your past so you can be liberated and free

Rewire your mind for success and live the life you are meant to live

rapid transformational hypnotherapy

Reconnect you to the extraordinary confidence you were born with

Experience rapid, permanent, all-pervasive change

Book Your Freedom

rtt rapid transformational therapy
This package includes:

• FREE Discovery call to construct your transformation (15 mins)
• 1 Transformational RTT session (2 hours)
• Personalised transformational audio recording 
• 1 follow up session (30 mins)
• 24*7 email support for 30 days
rapid transformational therapy
This package includes:
• FREE Discovery call to construct your transformation (15 mins)
• 2 Transformational RTT sessions (2 hours)
• Personalised transformational audio recording
• 2 follow up sessions (30 mins)
• 24*7 email support for 60 days
• 1 Reiki session (30 mins)
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Ready For Transformation?

Let's Book Your FREE Discovery Call.


Firstly I would like to thank Kalai for being there! Kalai has an aura, that’s infectious and free spirited.


—  Zaid

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