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Take A Positive Spin On "Perfection" To Change Your Life

A huge part of self-growth has been focused on the journey to find the “perfect” self. The problem with a search for perfection is that it’s the search for something that doesn’t exist. It's an exhaustive sojourn with no end. The flaw is in the ideal that you’re chasing after. So, it’s time to ditch the baseless ideal of perfection and switch to positivity.

Say you’re anxious about speaking in public for an upcoming event. Instead of focusing on the shortages that are stopping you from giving the so-called perfect performance, remind yourself of the positive side of things. How does public speaking make you feel?

When you choose to fill your mind with positivity, telling yourself: "I'm excited, I'm excited, I love it, I love it, I love it," will translate into a uniquely memorable experience. By visualizing that you’re going to do well through the use of positive thoughts, you’ll come to realise that you’d been nailing it all along.

The fear of not doing something perfectly can hold you back from many things that you love or find joy in. This way, you’re withholding positivity from yourself, choosing to dwell on things you either have no control over, or cannot change.

Being emotionally still in the event makes us act out of fear and doesn’t allow us to act maturely. When you’re constantly on guard waiting for bad things to happen, you won’t enjoy the good things that will help you lead a full and happy life.

Take a bowl of fruit. If you take a piece of rotten fruit and place it beside the good fruit, what happens? The mold from the rotten fruit spreads over to the good fruit and both end up bad.

So what happens to us when we surround ourselves with negative, rude, or toxic people and ideologies? We become just like them. We end up drowning in uncertainty and toxicity.

So surround yourself with good people who provide value in your life, who make you happy and who keep uplifting your positivity. Live in the now rather than the before or what’s to come.

Releasing or transforming the emotions connected to past events will not cause you to forget the life lessons that you learned. Here’s what you need to do to take a positive spin on life with the help of RTT:

  1. Reboot your emotional hard drive.

  2. Reframe those negative interpretations with positivity.

  3. Re-affirming a fresh life narrative. Positivity > Perfection

  4. Rescript your future

It’s like when we fall down as kids - we all cried, called for mom and thinking about being reprimanded would make us feel like it was the end of the world.

When you gain the help you need, you can learn to reframe your mind to gain a positive perspective towards everything you do - it’s like gaining a bird’s eye view of the situation pillared by the focus of your Rapid Transformational Therapist.

Here’s what we can do together under the guidance of your inner, authentic self:

We know it hurts, we know we won’t ever put ourselves in a situation like that again, but we don’t carry the hell with us anymore. We won’t be triggered anymore, we won’t have any crazy reaction but now we can respond to it in a way we like because we’re not dwelling on the limitations.

After growing up, when we fall and scrape our knees, we don’t cry and think that’s the end of the world because 1- we won’t die, 2- it heals 3- it’s really not that bad 4- the doctor is much better at taking care of it. Similarly, choosing not to dwell on the limitations and shine a positive light on things is a surefire sign of personal growth.

Growth is what doesn’t make us feel afraid of falling again. Together, we can analyze your situation and treat it by addressing the root cause for a permanent solution. We are well aware of the complexities of the situation, and will do our best to deconstruct the negative interpretation of past negative experiences. We know the hurt is still there, but it doesn’t stop us from finding positivity in the journey of life.

Reframing the beliefs and don't steal the lesson away from the person who experienced it, it steals away the negative beliefs that came as a result of the experience; guilt, shame, fear. Those things will only hinder future experiences.

Prepare your mind to expect “personal growth” rather than perfection and find yourself one step towards reaching that goal with RTT by your side. By utilising positive, reaffirming language whenever you think about or talk, you can regulate your negative emotions and start feeling happy with a purpose. The 'lesson' will be doubled through positive reframing because now you hold the lesson and you got your power back.


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