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Tackling the issue of sleeplessness

When it comes to insomnia and sleeplessness, it is necessary to dive deep into the root cause of your issue. Sleeplessness could be the subconscious informing you about the unknown fears or worries that plague you. This can translate into restlessness and losing sleep. There is an alert state within you, which is activated and makes you feel on edge. Falling into a deep unbroken sleep becomes a difficult task at this point.

The stress and constant worrying looping thoughts induce the subconscious mind to tell you, ‘Stay alert, I could be in danger’, refusing to let you fall asleep because your mind is seemingly in a state of distress.

To fall asleep through the whole night, you must be extremely relaxed. That requires the reprogramming of your body, your mind and your psyche to make this happen. Your mind is already wired to automatically protect you. Learning how to access it is where you will need to reach out for help.

The use of language is extremely important. Get in tune with your inner self, with the throat chakra. Find out if there is something you are not communicating or expressing. Reach deep within to find the root issue that you need to go back to and focus on to achieve transformation. Is it to let go of control, or deep relaxation and deep sleep? Or is it the safety feeling to trust others?

Sleeping is a function that you are born with - something that is ingrained in you. Babies in the womb sleep perfectly and we are wired at inception to sleep when our body needs it. Your mind is capable of creating a program that focuses more on the coding and wiring in our DNA to sleep.

With the proper guidance, delve into regression to uncover the inner child and the memories that may be keeping you from falling asleep. You’ll come to find that at the root of it, insomnia is usually about control issues and not being able to let go.

Some people cannot fall asleep because they have too many "inner demons of guilt" and have to use multiple external distractions to help lull them into sleep. This learned helplessness is an unhealthy coping mechanism that needs to be addressed. That belief needs to be shattered and smashed through positive reinforcement and follow-ups.

Tackling the issue of sleeplessness

Here is an inner growth mantra that you can rewire your mind into learning:

  1. I am worthy

  2. I am in control

  3. The demons of guilt have no power over me

  4. I will let sleep come upon me

It is important to remember that all good things take time. Unlearning an unhealthy habit and replacing it completely is not something that can be learnt overnight. Training the body and mind to release old habits and replace them with new positive behaviors may seem to start off slowly and, if followed meticulously, could eventually transform your life for the better!

All the answers to the problems that keep you up at night are within you - in your mind. While it may feel like your mind is your enemy, it is crucial to have faith in the remarkable abilities of the mind. It can get you out of the problem you find yourself in. It learns through mistakes and changes with repetition. Instead of focusing on the repetition of issues, focus on the need to change the habit by keeping your best interests in mind.


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