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How To Deal With Anger Surges And Unprocessed Hurt

Having control over our emotions in an integral part in the journey of self-healing and awareness. Although most of the time it might be easy for us to control our emotions and not outwardly showcase our hidden inclinations, sometimes our feelings might get the better of us and we tend to lash out. With this being said, let’s focus on a particular emotion that the best of us find impossible to control sometimes - anger.

Anger is one of the most common and extremely powerful emotions that can end in numerous ways when strongly and outwardly emoted. All of us would have experienced scenarios where our anger got out of hand and led to undesirable situations. It could have been a fight with a loved one where you said some things you shouldn’t have or it could have been when you lashed out on a friend/colleague on a bad day of work, and sometimes it could even be engaging in any form of guilty self-indulgence triggered by anger such as binge-eating, etc.

The point is, these incidents can make you feel as if your own emotions have betrayed you and anger must be kept under control in order to avoid conflict and keep your mental peace at check.

Most of the time, behind anger is immense fear, and behind that is a feeling of intense powerlessness. Anger could also be a manifestation of sadness or grief. It is important that we do not regress due to anger and channel all the anger in our body energetically and spiritually.

While it may not be the popular or easy choice, anger is meant to be acted upon since most of the time your conscience is trying to tell you something through that emotion. Rather than having anger surges and forgetting about it once you calm down, try to decipher the meaning behind the anger and learn from it. For example - “Gosh darn him! I could cook better than him” - means that you probably have a desire to cook better than you usually do. Equip yourself with the mindset required to be protected from the harm caused by your unprocessed hurt. It will teach you how to unlearn punishing yourself for something, and unlock your highest potential. You can channel this anger positively by working on your cooking skills. This anger might have been fueled by an incident where your cooking was underestimated. If you want to treat the anger, first treat the hurt.

Talking to an RTT specialist will provide the ease and comfort you need to harmlessly release the hurt feelings behind the anger. They are the guiding hand that helps you dive into the reality of the issue that you hide behind the anger, and pull you out unscathed.


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